We are pleased to announce a big update for the Channels iOS client, which is now up to date with the latest Android version of the app. Read the breakdown of the new features and fixes in the article below.


  • Added the new dashboard. It includes “Stories” on the top of the screen, bottom menu redesign, and “Favorites” tab.
  • Reworked the registration flow. Now users can access the dashboard only after the registration is completed.
  • Reworked starting screen. It now has “Stories” and a new phone number verification screen.
  • Added the “Exchange Transactions History” in the “Favorites” tab. It displays…

Bitcoin ETFs are exchange-traded funds that allow investors to buy Bitcoin and trade it on traditional market exchanges. How does it work? What are the advantages? Read this article to find out!

If you follow the crypto news you probably heard the buzz around Bitcoin ETFs. This instrument has been introduced to the stock market decades ago and only now is reaching the crypto industry.

In this article, we will explain what Bitcoin ETF is and how the market receives it after a long-awaited release.

What is an ETF?

ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Fund. In simple words, it is a type of security that…

On March 11-th, we will delist 20 pairs from Multibroker. Read the post for the full list of delisted pairs.

Next Thursday, March 11-th, we will delist 20 pairs from Multibroker. Delisting won’t affect the users’ ability to withdraw, deposit and transact all affected currencies from the website’s wallets section. This measure is aimed to optimize trading around dynamic pairs and increase liquidity.

The following pairs will be removed:

  • XRP/EON;
  • XEM/EON;
  • NEO/EON;
  • NAV/EON;
  • EUR/USD;
  • EUR/RUB;
  • ETN/EON;
  • EON/USD;
  • DOT/BTC;
  • DOT/EUR;

During the delisting process, all active orders on those pairs will be automatically canceled. Please, keep this in mind when planning your trading activities.

This dev report provides a closer look at what updates and bug fixes the Nimera team was working on this February.

Nimera Blockchain

  • Integrated NEP-5 and TRC-20 token support. It will now take significantly less time to add the tokens from TRON and NEO blockchains.

Channels Wallet

  • WIN and JUST tokens added to the app. You can now buy, sell, and receive these tokens in the Wallets tab.

Channels Wallet (Android)

  • Added the “List of Exchange Transactions“. You can now view all your past transaction history through the “Exchange Transactions” button on the “Favorites” tab.
  • The “Stories” are now saved in the cache of the device. You…

Here is Nimera’s development plan for the first half of 2021

Channels App

In the following months, the Channels team will focus on improving the overall user experience and onboarding, expanding the transaction functionality, and further advancing the iOS version to bring it in line with the Android client.

First Quarter, 2021

  • Improved user experience. Updated transaction process and the interface will ensure the best experience for new and more experienced traders.
  • Deposit/withdraw currencies with simplified mechanics. The number of steps necessary for each operation will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Additional fiat ramps. Users from Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia will…

Digitalization is a global trend, as all government services are moving away from good old paper to cloud storage. But there is one exception — political voting. Why in 2021 you still can not vote for the president online? The reasons include technical problems, an endless series of failed experiments, and public distrust.

Blockchain technology appears as the obvious savior, as it was invented to solve the trust problem. Can blockchain revolutionize political voting? Let’s find out!

Off-chain voting

The 2020 U.S. presidential election will be remembered by the whole world as, least to say, controversial. Not everyone trusted the official results…

Nimera Swap

  • Added the Overview tab to the Statistics page.
  • Global statistics are now available on the Overview page. You can see the detailed stats for the whole platform, including total volume, liquidity, and fees paid. Sortable and scalable by dates.
  • Search Tab introduced to the Overview page. You can now search across all available projects and pairs.
  • Top Performing Tokens added to the Overview page. You can now see the enhanced statistics for the Top-3 tokens in terms of price, fees, volume, and liquidity. Sortable by pre-selected and custom dates.
  • Top Pools stats table is now available on the Overview page…

We’re excited to bring you the newest Nimera Swap update! Enhanced statistics is the biggest chunk of this release, but we also added other improvements, including the search tab and news feed for projects.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features.

Global Platform Stats

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been used to predict various events. Algorithms based on historical data have successfully predicted Oscar winners, stock prices, and even the spread of COVID-19 pandemics.

In the last five years, there have been many attempts to predict the price of Bitcoin. Startups, research groups and enthusiasts are trying to create an algorithm that can predict the price of the biggest cryptocurrency in the short and long term.

In this article, we will explore how Bitcoin price prediction AI works and what are the main challenges it faces.

Recurrent neural network

Developers of machine learning algorithms use different approaches…

2020 has been one of the most transformative years for Nimera. We’ve launched new products, went through a rebranding, and more.

None of that would be possible if it wasn’t for the support and valuable feedback from our amazing community — thank you, and Happy New Year, guys!

Here at Nimera, we’re excited about what 2021 is going to bring. But before we jump into the new year, let’s wrap-up 2020 by looking at how far we’ve come this year.


As 2021 approaches, we’re leaving our old brand — Exscudo, in the past. …


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