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SEPA Definition And Overview

  • It was the initiative of the Banking Sector. Other driving forces behind it are the European Central Bank and the European Commission.
  • The SEPA initiative was to contribute to further European integration after the euro introduction.
  • Due to SEPA, people can transfer euros with the same ease they exchange euro coins and banknotes.
  • SEPA now includes 36 member states.
  • SEPA does not apply to currencies other than EURO.
  • The legal basis for the SEPA establishment was the Payment Services Directive. The EU passed this directive in 2007.
  • SEPA-based transfers replaced national payments in 2011.
  • There over 19 bln SEPA credit transfers (STC) and more than 20 bln SEPA direct debits (SDD). We will explain both payment schemes later.

What Is SEPA Payment: The Goals

SEPA Members

What Is SEPA Transfer In Banking And How It Works

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SICT)

What Is SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)

SEPA transfers: Benefits For Businesses

SEPA transfers: Benefits For Individuals

SEPA And Cryptocurrency Exchanges



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