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What Is Day Trading: Definition

What Is Day Trading And How It Works

What Is Day Trading: Challenges

  1. You are competing with professionals with rich experience. Unlike you, these traders know a lot of tricks and have a ‘professional insight’. They have spent years on the stock market, analyzing data and trends. These pros are used to playing in a very crowded field, and they love it when new people join the game. Beginners, who lack trading experience, are likely to lose money, meaning someone will grab it.
  2. Day trading is stressful. Therefore, it’s difficult. Many traders, especially beginners, tend to sell ‘winners’ too early and hold ‘losers’ for too long. Also, they may be afraid to buy an asset that is declining — what if it goes on down? Sometimes, in order to succeed, you have to act against your instincts and ignore your fears.

Day Trading: Taxation issues

Is Day Trading Right For You?

Rule 1: Learn And Practice

Rule 2: Choose a suitable brokerage

Rule 3: Invest In a Suitable Hard- And Software

Rule 4: Have a System

Rule 5: Stop ‘Emotional Trading’




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