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Stellar vs. Ripple: Overview

  • High money transfer fees. Banks and payment systems like Western Union will charge you up to 30%, depending on where you send your funds and how many correspondent banks take part in the process.
  • Poor сurrency exchange rate. In your transfer implies currency exchange (especially if you deal with 2 or more less popular currencies), the banks often apply very unfavorable exchange rates. For a client, it means more money wasted. For a bank — more money earned.
  • Low speed. If you send money abroad or just to another bank, the process may take several business days, or even longer if some problem emerges.
Below is some comparative data for both currencies, at the time of writing (mid-December 2019).

What Is Ripple

Ripple vs. XRP: What’s The Difference

The Goal Of The Project

What Is RippleNet

Ripple Products

  • xRapid allows banks to make fast and cheap transfers in XRP tokens.
  • xCurrent is focused on tracking the way money makes when it moves between banks. It doesn’t use XRP.
  • xVia is a payment interface that simplifies work with xCurrent and xRapid.

What Is Stellar

Stellar and Lumens

Stellar: Main Features

Stellar vs. Ripple: Key Similarities

No Mining

Low Processing Costs

High Speed

‘Light’ Value

‘Centralized’ character

Stellar vs. Ripple: Key Differences

Helping Banks vs. Helping The Unbanked

Different Consensus Protocols

Coins Distribution




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