NION Will Officially Launch on May 12

2 min readMay 25, 2021

It has been four years since we released EON — the first token of our network, then called the EON blockchain. Now it’s time to move forward. We’re super excited to announce today that NION — the new native token of Nimera Blockchain, is releasing on May 12th.

By switching to a new token, we are not just changing the name. With Nimera Blockchain release, NION will redefine the concept of a crypto token. It is not another transaction utility that you spend on fees and need to replenish for more transactions. By owning NION, a user owns a genuine part of Nimera Blockchain capacity, being able to use the services of Nimera ecosystem for free, forever.

“We are super thrilled about the NION release. The Nimera team has been working on it for several months, polishing the concept to find the best utility to make NION valuable and most importantly — usable. Now, as we presented the Nimera Blockchain, I have no doubts that NION will find its value in our Proof-of-Time ecosystem,” — said Andrew Zimine, the founder of Nimera.

After a few days of testing the new token on Multibroker and in Channels, we are ready to launch NION on the full scale. The exchange from EON to NION will start on May 12th and will be performed through the exchange functional in the Channels wallet. On the release day we will provide a step-by-step guide on the token swap. There is no end date, so you can upgrade to a new token later if you feel so.

About Nimera Blockchain

In Nimera, each participant uses the network for free, simply by holding NION. The amount of capacity one can use is proportional to the number of tokens one holds. This approach promotes reasonable consumption, not rewarding users for holding more tokens than they need. This leads to more democratic voting, while the cost of using the network — already much lower — doesn’t rise with the token price.

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