Nimera Swap Update

We’re excited to bring you the newest Nimera Swap update! Enhanced statistics is the biggest chunk of this release, but we also added other improvements, including the search tab and news feed for projects.

Here’s a breakdown of the new features.

Global Platform Stats

The overview page is where most magic happened in this update. You can now see the detailed stats for the whole platform, including total volume, liquidity, and fees paid. If you want to see the stats for a certain period of time just drag those cute little sliders below the charts.

Search Tab

We made navigating around the statistics section of the website way easier with the introduction of — you guessed it — the search bar! You can search by ticker or project name to easily find pools or tokens and jump right to their pages. Nice.

Top Tokens

What are the best performing projects on Nimera Swap? Which one has the most liquidity? You don’t need to scrap out this info from the boring table charts anymore, because we placed the Top-3 projects right on the overview page. Oh yeah, and you can sort them by price, fees, volume, and liquidity.

All Transactions Table

What’s more, you can now find the new “Transactions” table at the bottom of the statistics page to get a high-level overview of recent transactions across all pairs.

Pool Stats

We’ve enhanced token pool statistics with interactive graphs. You can now view detailed charts on the liquidity of the pool, its volume, and also the price graphs for each token in the pool in relation to each other. The data is sortable by pre-selected dates, with the ability to choose the time periods.

Token Stats Across All Pairs

We’ve added interactive stats with all the available pairs to every project page. You can sort by available pairs or choose to display stats for all of them. Additionally, you can sort the graphs by time periods and scale them to zone in on a time period.

Dynamic Price and Liquidity Charts

Picking a token in the widget on the main page now triggers a dynamic price chart to appear. We’ve also added a similar dynamic graph displaying the liquidity data on the “Supply Liquidity” tab.

Fixed Tables UI Bugs

We’ve listened to your feedback and overhauled the design of all tables on Nimera Swap. Now, tables show data more clearly but still retain the same visual identity. All the numbers show up cleaner, with no overlaying or missing symbols.

News Feed

Projects can use the new news-sharing feature to notify their communities about updates right on Nimera Swap. Find out about the new pairs, technical updates, AMAs, and whatever else your favorite projects would like to share on the same platform where you trade. The feed will appear on the page of each project under the “Project News” tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the display issue of the “Transaction settings” tab on the Firefox browser
  • Fixed the bug of the “Create Pool” widget working incorrectly
  • Fixed multiple small technical and UI bugs

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