NImera Development Update: March

This development report lists the updates and fixes deployed by the Nimera team in March.


  • Added more interface settings for charts, including buttons to change the chart type, save the chart settings, and scale the displayed time period. The chart now also displays the time zone and time on which the graph is built.
  • Added the scroll bar for the bottom tables. Users can now scroll down the open and closed orders, trade history and etc.
  • Fixed the bug with the order panel temporarily not working after switching to “Exchange” from another tab.
  • Fixed the bug with the order panel not displaying in the Safari browser.
  • Fixed the display bug of duplicating orders for EON/BTC pair.

Nimera Swap

  • Fixed the display bug with a four-digit number displaying incorrectly when sorting “Top Tokens” by liquidity.
  • Fixed the display bug of the table of contents on Nimera Swap Wiki.

Channels Wallet (iOS)

  • Added the new dashboard. It includes “Stories” on the top of the screen, bottom menu redesign, and “Favorites” tab.
  • Reworked the registration flow. Now users can access the dashboard only after the registration is completed.
  • Reworked starting screen. It now has “Stories” and a new phone number verification screen.
  • Added the “Exchange Transactions History” in the “Favorites” tab. It displays transactions from both, EON wallet and Channels web client. Users can now send the transaction ID to the”Support” chat and repeat the selected transaction directly from this screen.
  • Added the UI for comprehensive transaction details.
  • The passport verification is now not requested in the first exchange operation, if the user is exchanging non-fiat currencies and the amount is less than 1000 EUR.
  • Removed the EON-ID generation through the phone shaking. It now happens randomly.
  • Screens for entering personal data were added to the registration process.
  • Added EON-ID with the “Share” button to the “Dashboard” header.
  • Channels “Financial Chat Bot” now has a special icon and a name, instead of just an EON-ID.
  • Minor interface redesigns of the “Backup” screen.
  • Minor interface redesign of the buttons on the “Wallets” screen.
  • Added the mechanics to scan the QR-code generated in the Channels web client.
  • Now, after completing the registration, the user will be redirected back to the feature which he/she was browsing before.
  • An additional screen will now pop up if the registration in the blockchain is taking longer than usual.
  • Added “Mark all as read” button to the push notifications.
  • Fixed the bug of the app dropping to the home screen when opening a chat with unread messages.
  • Fixed the error which occurred while restoring from backup on the new device.
  • Fixed an error that occurred after sending a photo of the documents to the Veriff service.
  • Fixed a bug with deposits via bank cards Channels not working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug of the “Favorites” tab not translating to Russian after changing the language settings.
  • Fixed the bug of “Favorites” icons not saving in the order defined by the user.
  • Fixed the bug of “Financial Bot” not sending messages about the exchange operations.
  • Exchange push notifications now display in the correct format.
  • Fixed the bug of the QR scanner not working correctly when scanning the EON-ID.
  • Fixed the bug with the backup creation screen being blocked after canceling the backup procedure before it is finished.
  • Fixed the bug of the “Allow access to contacts” bar not displaying correctly after the registration.
  • Fixed the bug with the transaction amount not being detected while scanning the QR-code for the transfer request.
  • Fixed the bug which allowed the creation of more than 10 accounts on one phone number.
  • Fixed the bug with investment transactions being duplicated.
  • Fixed the bug with deposits working incorrectly with Tier2 Step1 KYC verification.
  • Fixed the bug which opened the “Dashboard” screen after clicking on the push notification.
  • Fixed the bug of the withdrawal amount exceeding the wallet balance.
  • Fixed the bug with the “Receive” and “Invest” buttons not working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with the buttons on the “Favorites” tab could not be pressed in the edit mode.
  • Fixed the display bug with several buttons not displaying in Russian.
  • Fixed the bug with not receiving notifications when the user is browsing the “Settings” tab.
  • Fixed the bug which temporarily returned the app to the previous screen when creating a new wallet.
  • Fixed multiple minor display and technical bugs.

Channels Wallet (Android)

  • Added the “Invalid wallet address” message which will appear if the entered wallet number is incorrect.
  • Fixed the bug with the incorrect display of the “Investments” tab on some accounts.
  • Fixed the bug with Financial Bot not working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with voice calls working incorrectly in the first session.
  • Fixed the bug with technical push-notifications popping up after visiting the “Wallets” tab.
  • Fixed the UI bug with cryptocurrency rates having too many digits.
  • Fixed the localization bugs with several screens on the “Deposits” tab.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing after sending a message to support without authorization.
  • Fixed the bug with several tabs opening after multiple clicks on the buttons on the “Favorites” tab.

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