Nimera Development Update: February

3 min readMar 26, 2021

This dev report provides a closer look at what updates and bug fixes the Nimera team was working on this February.

Nimera Blockchain

  • Integrated NEP-5 and TRC-20 token support. It will now take significantly less time to add the tokens from TRON and NEO blockchains.

Channels Wallet

  • WIN and JUST tokens added to the app. You can now buy, sell, and receive these tokens in the Wallets tab.

Channels Wallet (Android)

  • Added the “List of Exchange Transactions“. You can now view all your past transaction history through the “Exchange Transactions” button on the “Favorites” tab.
  • The “Stories” are now saved in the cache of the device. You can now view them even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing after sending TRX to the external platform.
  • Fixed the bug with the incorrect initial display of the time, date, and ID of the transaction.
  • Fixed the bug of the interface not displaying some buttons correctly with the Russian language settings.
  • Fixed the bug with “Stories” not changing the language without dashboard refresh.
  • Fixed the bug with text on the “Favorites” tab displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug with the text going out of the border when exchanging currencies.
  • Fixed the issue with BTH transfers not working correctly with an empty EON balance.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing when creating a backup with no authorization.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing after changing the language in the first session on the account.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing after creating a PIN code on the authorized account.
  • Fixed the error that occurred when saving the QR backup code.

Channels Wallet (iOS)

  • The app now displays the “Service is currently unavailable” message when the error occurs.
  • The keyboard on the “Deposit” screen now has decimal points in the keyboard, allowing you to specify the amounts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with EURO deposits not working correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with the messages sliding down after a message was selected.
  • Fixed the bug with the app crashing during the first exchange operation on the fresh account with an empty EON balance.
  • Fixed the bug of notification sound still being active even after it was disabled in settings.
  • Fixed the error that occurred on the older accounts when saving the “Primary information” on the “Personal Data” tab.
  • Fixed the bug with the QR code and EON ID not being shared through the “Receive” tab.
  • Fixed the bug with the wallets on the “Exchange” tab displaying only those wallets that were created by the user in the “Wallets” tab.
  • Fixed the bug with some text-block displaying incorrectly on iPhone 6s.


  • You can now pay commissions in a currency that differs from the currency you are withdrawing.
  • Added a new icon for pool withdrawals to avoid confusion with the similar icon on the “Supply Liquidity” tab.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the visual bug with the “tremoring” order list.
  • Fixed the bug with BTC address not fully displaying in the “Wallets” tab.

Nimera Swap

  • The Wiki Page is now available in Nimera Swap under the “Documentation” tab on the main page. There you will find the FAQ section, and also the information on all the mechanics and formulas of the platform.
  • The minimal liquidity cap to create a new pool is now set to 100 EURO.
  • The “Search tab” now appears on every statistics page to make searching for projects and tokens easier across all pages of the platform.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the minor UI display issues of Nimera Swap statistics tables.
  • Fixed the bug of the “Display by” filter showing incorrect statistics when the selected time frame was too small.
  • Fixed the bug of incorrect statistics sorting on the “Top Pools” and “Top Tokens” pages.
  • Fixed the bug of the authorization window popping up after inserting the “/” in the search bar.
  • Fixed the bug which occurred when the profiles with low verification levels could not set up a 2FA for withdrawals.
  • Fixed a display bug of some widgets in night mode being hardly distinguished.
  • Fixed the formatting block issues in the project’s newsfeed.
  • Fixed the bug with tooltips not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where scaling the statistics did not display the starting date of the selected period by default.




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