Nimera 6-Month Product Roadmap

Here is Nimera’s development plan for the first half of 2021

Channels App

In the following months, the Channels team will focus on improving the overall user experience and onboarding, expanding the transaction functionality, and further advancing the iOS version to bring it in line with the Android client.

First Quarter, 2021

  • Improved user experience. Updated transaction process and the interface will ensure the best experience for new and more experienced traders.

Second Quarter, 2021

  • Past transactions overview. The UI rework of the “Payment History” tab will make sure all your transaction history is just one tap away.


Multibroker is getting connected to top-tier external exchanges and receives updated deposit/withdrawal mechanics, margin trading, and various UI and UX overhauls.

First Quarter, 2021

  • Multiple exchanges connected. Adding Binance to Multibroker will give users more trading options and bring unlimited liquidity to the platform.

Second Quarter, 2021

  • More exchanges. Connecting Kraken and Bitfinex to the platform will further expand the trading options for Multibroker users.


Nimera Blockchain is transitioning to the long-awaited version 2.0.

First Quarter, 2021

  • Deployment of the core and payment networks on the TestNet. The beginning of active testing and feature implementation stage.

Second Quarter, 2021

  • Release of the Nimera Blockchain 2.0 network on the mainnet. Full-scale functional upgrade of the network to the multi-core 2.0 iteration, with atomic swaps, NFTs, colored coins, smart contracts, and other features.

Originally published at on February 16, 2021.

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