Introducing Nimera Blockchain 2.0

Blockchains were always compromising — they can be either fast and scalable, or transparent and decentralized. Strength in one area usually meant weakness in the other. But not anymore. Meet Nimera Blockchain 2.0

Welcome the Next Generation of our Network — Nimera Blockchain 🪐

The multi-core architecture will blend the advantages of closed-network scalability with the transparency of open-source development, allowing the network to be transparent, scalable, and fast at the same time.

The Nimera Blockhain 2.0 will launch with two cores at the start. An open-source, public DPoS central core for processing accounts and a private payment core for processing transactions.

Users will be able to host master-nodes and receive rewards on a public network and apply to become an observer in the private network to ensure transparency of the ecosystem.

Developers will not only be able to create products and services running on Nimera Blockchain but will have the ability to connect new cores and expand what is possible on the platform.

Features of Nimera Blockchain

Nimera Blockchain builds on the functions introduced in EON 1.0 while adding new, forward-looking features.

Atomics Swaps support: Nimera Blockchain will support the trustless cross-chain exchange of assets without intermediaries. Not only will our future products build on this function, but it will be easily accessible to community developers for implementation in their projects.

Non-Fungible assets support: non-fungible assets are non-interchangeable units, that can hold value, like collectibles in a game. Think of a weapon skin in Counter-Strike. This feature extends the possible applications of Nimera Blockchain, enabling it to be used in unique projects like games and beyond.

Colored Coins: This core function introduced in EON 1.0 is making a reappearance in Nimera Blockchain. Colored Coins are virtual representations of other assets that work natively on Nimera Blockchain. This technology ensures that when entering the ecosystem, any asset behaves like a native Nimera Blockchain token, benefiting from the network’s speed and decentralization.

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