Introducing Nimera: a New Brand for a New Chapter

We’ve funded the company in 2017 because we saw the current financial system’s imperfections. We live in a world where centralized entities like banks and regulators can mess with transactions at their pleasure and disrupt your privacy and financial security. At the same time, millions of people are excluded from their fundamental right — access to the banking system.

With a vision of how blockchain, when applied thoughtfully, can create a fair and inclusive financial system, we set on a mission to change that.

2020 and Beyond

After 3+ years in development, our products are ready to take their final form. It took years of hard work, vigorous testing, and proof-of-concept roll outs to get to where we are. We are proud of the work the team has put out over the years.

To show it to the world, we needed to update our brand to better reflect our values and what we offer.

Today, we are thrilled to share with you, our new brand — Nimera.

The New Logo

Representing the links of a blockchain system, two halves create not a letter, but a symbol of a new monetary system. One that is always fair, accessible to everybody, transparent, and decentralized.

The New Website

We launched a new and improved website that follows the revamped brand direction. Over the course of the following weeks, you will see similar changes implemented across our product line, ensuring brand consistency in all our products.

Explore the new website.

The New Naming

Unfired with a new naming system, our products are now much easier to find and remember.

  • EON blockchain → Nimera Blockchain.
  • The Swap → Nimera Swap
  • Exscudo Exchange → Nimera Exchange
  • Exsucod blog → Nimera blog

Channels, Crypto acquiring and Multibroker retain the same names as standalone sub-brands. Highlighted with a modified design system, they will stand out and remain memorable.

The Reimagined Values

Nimera is reinforced by 3 key pillars that define the financial system we are building.

Nimera is reinforced by 3 key pillars that define the financial system we are building.

  1. True ownership

Through the use of blockchain technology, we give transactions immunity. As a Nimera client, you will always know that your monetary operations will stay unaltered. Be it inside or outside the company — no one has the power to affect your financial life.

2. Accessibility and speed

Hundreds of millions of people are denied access to the modern financial system. Not anymore. If you have a smartphone, you have access to the full suite of Nimera products and thus — to all financial opportunities. With our technologies, borders separating people become obsolete. Sending or receiving money on the other part of the world becomes as fast and convenient as passing it personally.

3. Decentralization and community-driven expansion

Nothing is impossible when people are working together. That’s why Nimera will open doors for community developers to reinforce, improve, and expand the constellation of products, networks, and protocols that surround the ecosystem’s core — Nimera blockchain.

Originally published at on November 19, 2020.

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