Introducing Exscudo DeFi SWAP

2 min readSep 30, 2020


DeFi is the new buzzword in crypto. Just three months ago DeFi’s market value was around $2 Billion. Today, over $11 Billion is locked in DeFi, and the evaluation keeps growing. In Exscudo, there is no way we would miss an opportunity to enter this growing market.

Introducing our new product — The SWAP

The SWAP lets users swap tokens — just like with any other exchange — but with a unique pricing mechanic. The amount of tokens relative to each other in a pair determines the price. What’s more, users can participate in liquidity mining — deposit tokens to The SWAP and earn a commission every time a trader makes a transaction with a pair you support.

It is an easier way to trade or “stake” coins with potentially higher returns.

What makes The SWAP stand out

  • Swap and pool all kinds of tokens: unlike most DeFi Swaps, we don’t limit you to ERC-20. You can swap or pool literally any token, not just those made on Ethereum. And you can do so in a variety of markets.
  • Close to zero network fees: our unique colored coins technology enables us to process transactions in our own blockchain. And guess what? Our blockchain features super-low network fees. Are you still spending tens of dollars on Ethereum Gas? Well, now you don’t have to!
  • Arbitrage to the max: arbitrage is when you buy on the exchange where the price is lower and sell on a platform where the price is higher. Since The Swap features a pricing mechanic separate from the market, it creates arbitrage heaven.
  • Streamlined user experience: We set out to make swapping and pooling as simple as it can be. The Swap’s beginner-friendly interface will help anybody get a hang of crypto trading in days. The lack of over-complicated charts and confusing order books also helps.
  • Staying on top of the market: a detailed analytics dashboard will help you find rising tokens or identify market leaders. Information is power. So you will have heaps of it to choose the best asset.

The Swap will release this fall as part of the Multibroker platform. Keep track of our news to learn more.

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