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Covid-19 Mass Surveillance: How It Works

  • People coming from the infected regions must install an app that monitors their movements during 2 weeks of quarantine period.
  • Authorities use special wearables (wrist- or ankle bands) and QR codes to control the citizens.
  • Street cams apply facial recognition technology to ensure people stay off the streets.
  • Citizens have to pass through “facial recognition gates” to enter a metro station, a building, etc.
  • Police officers wear smart helmets or glasses with infrared scanners allowing them to read the body temperature of the people they view. These helmets don’t look hi-tech, so you don’t know which policeman has superpowers.
  • The authorities use drones to look after people and even measure their temperature.
  • Some mobile operators agree to share anonymized customer data with their governments to help them trace our activities. Social media and messengers that collect our metadata may do the same.
  • On request, banks provide information about where we have used our credit cards. It helps spot quarantine breakers, who shop beyond “permitted areas”.
  • Mobile operators may share our phone location data for the same purpose.

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