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The last few months have been full of intense preparation for the Nimera team. At the end of 2020, the community voted for the new token name, and now, after months of hard work, we are proud to officially launch our new token — NION.

When we were working on the token concept overhaul the team was mostly focused on bringing NION real value and achieving its maximum utility. The goal was not just to change the name, but to develop a truly usable instrument for the Nimera ecosystem, and the blockchain industry beyond.

“NION is a fundamentally new concept…

It has been four years since we released EON — the first token of our network, then called the EON blockchain. Now it’s time to move forward. We’re super excited to announce today that NION — the new native token of Nimera Blockchain, is releasing on May 12th.

By switching to a new token, we are not just changing the name. With Nimera Blockchain release, NION will redefine the concept of a crypto token. It is not another transaction utility that you spend on fees and need to replenish for more transactions. …

This dev report provides a closer look at what updates and bug fixes the Nimera team was working on this April.

Nimera Blockchain


Alongside yield farming in DeFi, one of the hottest trends in the crypto industry right now are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Most likely you heard the news about those highly subjective assets selling for millions of dollars. In February, the Nyan Cat meme GIF was sold for 300 ETH (~$568,000 at the time of sale), and in March the tokenized artwork of the famous artist Beeple was bought for almost $70 million.

In this article, we explore the latest trends in NFTs and explain how simple it is to create your own one.

Brief introduction to NFTs

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In simple words…

This development report lists the updates and fixes deployed by the Nimera team in March.



  • Added more interface settings for charts, including buttons to change the chart type, save the chart settings, and scale the displayed time period. The chart now also displays the time zone and time on which the graph is built.
  • Added the scroll bar for the bottom tables. Users can now scroll down the open and closed orders, trade history and etc.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug with the order panel temporarily not working after switching to “Exchange” from another tab.
  • Fixed the bug with the order panel…

We are pleased to announce a big update for the Channels iOS client, which is now up to date with the latest Android version of the app. Read the breakdown of the new features and fixes in the article below.


  • Added the new dashboard. It includes “Stories” on the top of the screen, bottom menu redesign, and “Favorites” tab.
  • Reworked the registration flow. Now users can access the dashboard only after the registration is completed.
  • Reworked starting screen. It now has “Stories” and a new phone number verification screen.
  • Added the “Exchange Transactions History” in the “Favorites” tab. It displays…

Bitcoin ETFs are exchange-traded funds that allow investors to buy Bitcoin and trade it on traditional market exchanges. How does it work? What are the advantages? Read this article to find out!

If you follow the crypto news you probably heard the buzz around Bitcoin ETFs. This instrument has been introduced to the stock market decades ago and only now is reaching the crypto industry.

In this article, we will explain what Bitcoin ETF is and how the market receives it after a long-awaited release.

What is an ETF?

ETF stands for Exchange-Traded Fund. In simple words, it is a type of security that…

On March 11-th, we will delist 20 pairs from Multibroker. Read the post for the full list of delisted pairs.

Next Thursday, March 11-th, we will delist 20 pairs from Multibroker. Delisting won’t affect the users’ ability to withdraw, deposit and transact all affected currencies from the website’s wallets section. This measure is aimed to optimize trading around dynamic pairs and increase liquidity.

The following pairs will be removed:

  • XRP/EON;
  • XEM/EON;
  • NEO/EON;
  • NAV/EON;
  • EUR/USD;
  • EUR/RUB;
  • ETN/EON;
  • EON/USD;
  • DOT/BTC;
  • DOT/EUR;

During the delisting process, all active orders on those pairs will be automatically canceled. Please, keep this in mind when planning your trading activities.

This dev report provides a closer look at what updates and bug fixes the Nimera team was working on this February.

Nimera Blockchain

  • Integrated NEP-5 and TRC-20 token support. It will now take significantly less time to add the tokens from TRON and NEO blockchains.

Channels Wallet

  • WIN and JUST tokens added to the app. You can now buy, sell, and receive these tokens in the Wallets tab.

Channels Wallet (Android)

  • Added the “List of Exchange Transactions“. You can now view all your past transaction history through the “Exchange Transactions” button on the “Favorites” tab.
  • The “Stories” are now saved in the cache of the device. You…

Here is Nimera’s development plan for the first half of 2021

Channels App

In the following months, the Channels team will focus on improving the overall user experience and onboarding, expanding the transaction functionality, and further advancing the iOS version to bring it in line with the Android client.

First Quarter, 2021

  • Improved user experience. Updated transaction process and the interface will ensure the best experience for new and more experienced traders.
  • Deposit/withdraw currencies with simplified mechanics. The number of steps necessary for each operation will be reduced to a minimum.
  • Additional fiat ramps. Users from Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia will…


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