6 Use-Cases Of Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency — Exscudo Blog

What are the best use cases of blockchain In Our Opinion

  • identity management
  • healthcare
  • supply chain control
  • land registry
  • p2p energy trading
  • environment protection
  • dozens of other things

Blockchain Use Case 1: Financial Services

How Blockchain May Help

Some Blockchain-Based Fintech Startups

Blockchain Use Case 2: Asset Tokenization

Some Startups Working On It

  • Alphapoint (a platform for exchanges, brokerages and tokenization of assets.)
  • Harbor (alternative investment model)
  • Polymath (a platform for creating and managing digital securities).

Blockchain Use Case 3: Supply Chain Management

  • Traceability. Customers want to track the products they buy to make sure they are safe, fairly made, organic, authentic, etc.
  • Safety and quality of products. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what raw materials the manufacturer used to make the product. You don’t know what storage and transportation conditions were. It all can affect the quality and safety of the products we consume and endanger our health. Especially if we talk about foods and drugs.
  • Poor management. As many people, businesses and authorities participate in this process, it’s inevitable that errors occur and accumulate.

What Blockchain Can Do About It

Examples of Blockchain Use Cases In This Field

Blockchain Use Case 4: Healthcare

Blockchain Solutions For Healthcare

Some Health-Related Blockchain Startups

  • Medicalchain (improving medical records management)
  • Cronicled (smart blockchain solutions for securing the pharma supply chain)
  • Curisium (real-time tracking of contract performance).

Blockchain Use Case 5: Identity Verification And Management

Some Projects Changing Our Idea Of Identity Management

  • ValidatedID (“the safest way to obtain electronic signatures”)
  • Keyp (open digital identity ecosystem)
  • Metadium (next-generation identity protocol).

Blockchain Use Case 6: Renewable Energy




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