5 Crypto Activities: How To Stay Productive During the Quarantine — Exscudo Blog

Crypto Activity 1: Self-Education

  • Watch educational videos on YouTube. There are many channels created by blockchain and crypto experts. Their videos allow visual learners to understand many complicated things in a matter of minutes.
  • Listen to crypto-related podcasts. Some good examples of this genre are Unchained by Laura Shin, What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack, The Crypto Street Podcast, and some others. They give you a chance to listen to many exclusive interviews with blockchain influencers, developers, financial experts, investors, and authors.
  • Read articles that explain how the blockchain tech and cryptocurrency function. No need to go far — in the Exscudo blog you will find many guides making things clear for beginners.
  • Read White papers of the crypto projects you are interested in. You will know more about the benefits, perspectives, and technical details of their coins and understand which one is worth investing in.

Crypto Activity 2: Join a Community

  • Bitcointalk
    This iconic forum was created by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. It supports multiple languages and has over 1,700,000 members. As the name suggests, Bitcointalk focuses on the first cryptocurrency, but you can discuss other coins, too.
  • Cryptocurrencytalk
    This forum emerged in 2013. Here you can discuss any issues related to cryptocurrencies and ICOs. There are over 70,000 participants and almost 400,000 posts that may be very helpful for new users.
  • Reddit
    This website is one of the hubs of crypto activity. Many coin developers have started their subreddits here. Also, you can find a lot of boards dedicated to cryptocurrency trading, investing, development, etc.

Crypto Activity 3: Analyze Your Crypto Portfolio

Crypto Activity 4: Test New Trading Strategies

Crypto Activity 5: Learn How to Use Crypto For Payments



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